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About Us

About Us

About Our Company

INFVU was started in Hyderabad, India. It is an innovative, client-focused, and entrepreneurial company that helps market research businesses all over the world. INFVU is a place of work for people who are very good at Survey Programming, Data Processing, Advanced Analytics, Data Visualisation, Text Analytics, and Automation. We are a group of very driven people who are fully committed to giving the best services possible. Some of the best people in the Market Research business are in the top positions, and they have a lot of experience in many different roles.

Our company is process-oriented, which promotes development, efficiency, and institutional memory. To make our operations more effective and flexible, we build habits around them, doing away with unnecessary steps and automating transactional activities. We have rewards and recognition mechanisms in place that promote process thinking, as applicable to particular positions, to make sure everyone is working towards the same goals as the organisation as a whole.

To ensure that the customer experience is always prioritised, we push our staff to think critically, creatively, deeply, and proactively. The results of the survey are shared with all employees, from upper management to the production staff. Teams contribute helpful suggestions for enhancing the final product. An integral component of our regular practises and celebrations is re-engineering the process for continual improvement based on input from customers and employees.

In order to keep the line of communication open between our audience and our clientele, we regularly recycle the highest quality leads for statistical analysis and market segmentation. Our mission is to connect legitimate businesses with legitimate customers. In addition to reminding consumers about the firm on a regular basis, our bulk SMS services allow them to quickly and easily access any new information they might need.

The businesses and clients we work with are verified as legitimate by our campaign management staff before we begin providing the promised services. A successful business marketing campaign relies on data collection, the compilation of databases containing information for various segments, and the subsequent transmission of SMS messages to an audience that has been carefully selected. In order to send secure and service messages to specific phone numbers, our staff has compiled a database of more than a billion client records. With so much competition and risk in the business world, we rely on our operating licence from telecommunications network providers to help us deliver our services.


Our Mission:

By setting new benchmarks in quality and turnaround time in the Survey Programming & Data Processing services business through significant use of automation and latest technology, we intend to become our clients’ most favoured partner.

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